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Hip Halo

Hip Halo

Hip halos are handmade one-of-a-kind crochet creations to honor your precious hips in a stylish way.  Just like you, these hip halos are made with exquisite detail and no 2 are the same. Highly durable, your hip halo will stay with you for years moving to accomodate you every step and yoga pose.  Don't see a style or color that you like?  Place you custom made order today!


Please note that hand crocheting is labor intensive and should not be compared to machine crocheted items.

  • More details

    Made using love, acrylic thread and plastic beads if shown in the photo or requested.

    Machine washable if made without beads but hand washing is always prefered.

  • Sizing

    Due to the elastic or built in drawstring these hip halos are one-size fits most.  For custom orders please send in your hip size for the best possible fit which will still leave room for a little less or a little more hip.