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Dobrynya Kirillov

Alchemy of Souls: How to Watch the Full Season 1 Online for Free

DOWNLOAD LINKS? Highly Recommended! VLC or MX Player app to watch this video (no audio or video issues). It Also supports subtitle if stated on the post (Subtitle: English). How to download from this site -- Click HERE DOWNLOAD VIDEO FAST SERVER

Reviewed by: Shakespeare, Alchemy, and the Creative Imagination by Margaret Healy Angus Fletcher (bio) Shakespeare, Alchemy, and the Creative Imagination. By Margaret Healy. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Illus. Pp. x + 260. $90.00 cloth. In Shakespeare, Alchemy, and the Creative Imagination, Margaret Healy offers a new approach to Shakespeare's 1609 poems, suggesting that they are informed by a "spiritual alchemy" that can turn the matter of our souls into a kind of gold (4). Unsatisfied with the scholarly consensus that the alchemical imagery of the poems is merely a "rhetorical flourish" (3), Healy finds inspiration in the fact that Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, and many of Shakespeare's other contemporaries described alchemy as a method for purifying the "malleable mineral mind" (4). In this historical context, Healy argues, Shakespeare's alchemical language would have been taken as an invitation for his readers to transform the "base" metal of their psyches "through meditation on love, memory work, and intense imagination" (1, 4). Moreover, what held for the poet's original audience, Healy maintains, is true for us as well. By laboring through Shakespeare's esoteric symbolism and performing the "soul work" of smelting ourselves anew, we too can discover the spiritual experience of "a multiplicity in one," as our "post-Cartesian . . . binaries" and "modern disciplinary boundaries" merge alchemically into a state of "toleration and unity" (2, 207, 9, 196).

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